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P.E.M.F. Therapy 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) applies a magnetic field to the cells within the body by pulsating an electrical impulse at a pre-set (but variable) frequency and intensity to assist and boost the healing process at a cellular level.

PEMF creates a gently pulsing magnetic field which restores health at a cellular level by stimulating cell metabolism.  The use of a PEMF device can promote the healing of soft tissue, improve range of motion, and aid in the repairing of neurological damage.

PEMF for horses has been safely used throughout Europe for more than 50 years. PEMF for horses was first introduced to the U.S. in Horse Racing. PEMF for horses’ success stories started at the track & rapidly spread throughout the equine world. The last 5 out of 7 Kentucky Derby WINNERS have ALL been treated with PEMF Therapy! PEMF treatment for horses can be done at the show, racetrack, or barn, right before or after their event. PEMF for horses helps equines stay in peak condition & recover quickly from the stress of competition. PEMF for horses is the wave of the future for health & wellness.


​Published scientific PEMF studies have proven neurological, physiological & psychological benefits. There are many years of practical experience by equine therapists, horse owners & veterinarians. It is a widely used therapy for multiple conditions, improved health & enhanced performance of people & animals (including dogs, cats, show horses, race horses & pleasure horses).

PEMF for horses can be used to treat the whole body or specific areas or injuries. It is non-invasive, and is not painful & does not require sedation. PEMF therapy can improve performance, range of motion, speed & strength. It reduces inflammation & relieves pain and can be used to calm a horse mentally before going into the show ring.

PEMF Electro Magnetic Therapy can treat many conditions:

  • Performance Stress & Body Soreness

  • Soreness of the Back, Stifle, Joints, Neck, Poll, TMJ, Shoulder or Hooves

  • Soft Tissue Injuries – Bruised or Torn Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments

  • Hoof Abscess, Stone Bruises

  • Conditions of Age

  • Arthritis, Cushing’s Disease

  • Systemic Illness, Immunity Issues

  • Anhidrosis

  • Digestive Issues

  • Wounds From Surgery or Injury Including Non-Healing Wounds

  • Bone Issues – Normal & Non-Healing Fractures

  • Laminitis, EPM or Founder

  • Lackluster Health or Performance

  • Improve Behavioral Issues Associated with Stress, Mental Tension & Pain

  • Faster Recovery From Performance, Illness or Injury


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N Utah

(South of Beaver / Moab)

Rush Valley
SL County

(North of Spanish Fork)


Northern Utah (Mobile Service)

Mobile Service Covering All of Northern Utah

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in 

PEMF & Red Light Laser Therapies!

Brown Map Marker.png

Rush Valley

Board Certified - American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Dual Machines for Body and Limbs!


Salt Lake County | Utah County (Mobile Only)

Peach Creek Chiropractic is oriented around mobile chiropractic care for both humans and their animals! 

Services also include the  BEMER blanket & cold laser therapy!

Dr. Jones is AVCA certified for animal chiropractic care and offers mobile house calls year round. We are here for all your chiropractic needs!

Brown Map Marker.png

South Salt Lake (Mobile Service Available)

South Jordan (Services Lehi to Ogden)

Magnawave PEMF therapy for all animals and humans

Brown Map Marker.png

Service Areas: Lehi to Ogden

S. Jordan

From horses to heifers, Peach Creek is certified in equine and livestock wellness. Keep your horses (and their riders) moving at peak performance with a mobile visit from Peach Creek.

S Utah

(South of Beaver / Moab)



The BEMER Horse-Set promotes healing and recovery, and supports regeneration. It enhances suppleness – a prerequisite for motivation and willingness to learn – so your horse can exercise more effectively. The BEMER Horse-Set also helps your horse relax more easily both before and after exercise. You’ll notice the effects on your horse after only a few minutes of application.​

Haylee Scholzen Bemer PEMF.jpg
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