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We proudly support Horse Rescue Charities

Part of our profit from the ranch is donated to several horse rescue charities.  Please consider joining us with a donation to save horses from the slaughterhouse.  Many of them are neglected, abandoned, and abused - help us to give them another chance.


Omega Horse Rescue

Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Education

Horse Whisperer
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Omega Horse Rescue, a non-profit horse rescue organization is committed to providing humane treatment for all equines through education, research and quality care. We strive to find nurturing homes for as many equines as financially feasible. We are dedicated to rehabilitating these animals for a second chance for a healthy, productive life.  Our team  advocates for the neglected, those left at auctions or donated to Omega. Our mission remains clear and constant: 


  • Educate horse owners on the actual responsibilities involved in equine care.

  • Legislate for the humane treatment of horses everywhere.

  • Find appropriate homes for unwanted, abused or neglected equines.


Travellers Rest Farm Sanctuary

Permanent, Loving Home for the Unwanted

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Traveller's Rest Farm Sanctuary exists to help those horses that need a safe landing until their very last day. Once they arrive they remain with us until they pass.

We firmly believe that every horse has a purpose no matter what their limitation, and none of them deserve to left to an uncertain fate. We take in as many senior, blind and permanently disabled horses as we can. None of our horses are ridden. They live in small groups and spend their days eating us out of house and home.

Travellers Rest Farm Sanctuary is a 100% volunteer run Maryland-based 501c3 IRS certified nonprofit providing sanctuary to senior, blind, permanently disabled, and slaughter-bound horses. We currently house over 30 residents and rely solely on donations to care for them. All donations go directly towards the care and well-being of our horses.

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