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Required Policies

At Horse Haven Ranch we strive to bring a peaceful and relaxing spa experience to your equine friend.  Traveling is stressful for horses and stress creates many negative effects - especially if it is ongoing.  By promoting a quiet environment where they can relax and recuperate (even if it's short term), they can reap many benefits.  While horses need to be alert for their own safety, a constant period of adrenaline, cortisol, and stress yields a lower immune system, heightened chance for ulcers, increased chance for injuries, weight loss, decreased performance, and a reduced ability to heal.  To build the right environment for your horse, we have limitations on some of the horses we board. 

We DO NOT allow the following horses to board:

Aggressive Horses


  If your horse is not 'horse' friendly, 'people' friendly, or 'barn' friendly, we will not board them here.

Contagious Horses
(or Horses Who Have Been Around Contagious Horses)!!!

Screenshot (17).png
Screenshot (18).png

If you see something, say something! 

Report any & ALL Outbreaks HERE:

If your horse has been around others who were sick or showing signs of sickness, we require at least 21 days (and recent negative tests) before boarding - regardless if your horse is vaccinated.  Your horse might not be showing symptoms but could be a carrier (especially with strangles).  It is our responsibility to protect all the horses in our barn to the best of our capability. 


Vaccination Requirements

St. George is a tourist town and a big stop-off point for many on their way (or returning from) shows.  With our clientele of short-term boarders who often travel to such places, it's important that we keep all of our boarders safe!!!  We are proud of our top-level biosecurity protocols and are confident in your horse's health, safety, and happiness while here!


This is why we require ALL of the following vaccinations/tests listed below! (If you have questions about strangles, please click here).


If your horse needs a vaccination from your vet, please give them adequate time before traveling to keep them safe!  We advise a 7-14 day rest period before travel and boarding in unfamiliar locations.

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King Suite
Sun - Thurs: $150 / Night
Fri, Sat: $250 / Night
Extra Queen Bed: $35 / Night
Pets: $25 each
Click Here for Details / Pictures
Luxury Indoor Stalls w/ Attached Runs
$75 / Night
6 Available
Click here for Details / Pictures
Outdoor Premium Stalls
(Overnight Only)
$100 / Night
2 Available
44' x 76' Each

Ready to Reserve? 
We need these completed first! 

(Please do not book until these are complete!)

Step 1:

Required Legal Forms


Horse Information & Vaccinations

For return clients & their personal horses, we keep the information on file so you only need to update in the future!  For Overnight, Weekend, and Short-Term, please fill out one form *per* horse.  Please upload their vaccinations at the bottom of each form.

Step 2:

Once the documents are complete reach out to us to complete your reservation! Click below to connect to us!

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