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Equine Dentists

A primary key to keeping your horse healthy and happy is in their mouth!  Help your horse live a happy and long life by starting young with dental care. Listed below are equine dentists in Northern and Southern Utah.

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Northern Utah

Uses an educational approach to help horse owners understand and value the importance of horse dentistry.


Educating equestrians about the importance of preventative veterinary medicine, specifically dentistry, and the benefits of veterinary acupuncture so that they may prevent disease in their equine companions, and enjoy riding them.  

Acupuncture | Chiropractic | Dentistry | Exams | Vaccines | Coggins | Health Certs | Euthanasia


Southern Utah

Southern Utah

Dixie Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Colton Gust

Dr. Clancy Mortensen

Dr. Craig Brinkerhoff

Dr. Colton Gust

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