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End-of-Life Services

The hardest part of having animals in our lives is the day we must say goodbye.  However, it is the payment we make to experience the wonder, beauty, and majesty of having them in our lives.  Due to their size, horses have specialists in this field where normal veterinarians cannot help.  Whether you need assistance transporting or want to design keepsakes or memorials, the listings below are here to help you and your horse with their crossing over the rainbow bridge.

Grief is a difficult thing to maneuver, especially if you're saying goodbye to a heart horse.  When you're ready, head over to the mental health category where other horse-people can help work through the sadness.

Please note: The only people allowed by law to euthanize a horse in Utah are a licensed veterinarian or an Animal Shelter Employee who is acting under the indirect supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

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Educating equestrians about the importance of preventative veterinary medicine, specifically dentistry, and the benefits of veterinary acupuncture so that they may prevent disease in their equine companions, and enjoy riding them.  

Acupuncture | Chiropractic | Dentistry | Exams | Vaccines | Coggins | Health Certs | Euthanasia


We aim to provide the highest quality veterinary service to our equine community in a caring, professional, and ethical manner.

From pasture to performance, our expertise touches all aspects of equine health, wellness, and reproduction.


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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine |
Acupuncture (Dry Needle, Electro, Aqua, Moxa) |
Virtual Consultations | At Home Euthanasia Services |
Laser Therapy

At Holiystic Vet, we are guided by three principles: to provide the best care possible through a holistic approach, work with compassion and consider the patient as a whole, and to work in partnership with you to ensure the best quality of life for your pet.

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