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Equine thermography is a non-invasive monitoring tool that uses the very latest Infrared imaging equipment and computer software to detect minute differences in the horse's thermal and neural condition, and allows us to quickly and efficiently identify trauma in an injured animal. Early identification of the location of the injury helps to prevent further trauma, and helps the treating vet to make a decision on treatment needed, and to monitor recovery.

Extensive research in human and equine fields has demonstrated that many injuries and physical conditions can be accurately detected using Equine Thermography, before any physical signs and symptoms are visibly apparent, It also provides a unique way to monitor a horse's recovery from intense activity, injury and illness.

Unlike conventional X-rays and MRI scans, Equine Thermographic Imaging does not use any radiation, and is therefore perfectly safe for the horse and the handler. In most cases the results of Thermographs can be provided instantly to enable vets, owners and equine therapists and professionals to make prompt decisions and begin appropriate treatment.

Equine Thermography is an invaluable monitoring tool, which deploys user-friendly, portable equipment which means that imaging can be carried out "in the field". (



Equine Nutrition

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Dr. Colton Gust

Dr. Colton Gust

Utah's only specialty vet practice in integrative sports medicine & rehabilitation.  We specialize in providing progressive and practical diagnostic and treatment choices to both equine and companion animal caretakers.  Instead of using integrative modalities in a Western medical context, we use conventional medicine with integrative therapies in a (w)holistic environment

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