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When you're looking for professionals to help you in the category of equine breeding, this is the perfect page to scroll through.  Regardless if you're searching for well-bred foals, breeding your mare, or looking for stud services for your stallion - you've found the right place.  Be sure to conduct thorough research to know whether they are a good fit for your horse's well-being, your personal situation, your goals, and financial needs.  If you're looking for great resources to learn more, visit and search under equine breeding.

Pony in Field

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Northern Utah

North of Spanish Fork




South of Beaver / Moab

Southern Utah

(South of Beaver / Moab)


Southern Utah

Cedar City

Stud services and sales of Registered Miniature Horses

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Baybeka_MiniS2 - Marco Dias.jpg
Cedar City


Overnight | Short-Term | Retirement Boarding 
Camping with Horses & Mules RV Hookups 
Year-Round Seasonal Boarding 
Full-Care | Managed Care Services | Professional Services 
Broodmares & Foals | Farm Grown Hay | Hauling 
Weddings & Special Events 
Fully Lit, Full-Size Arena (Rental Available) | Racetrack 
Announcer Stand | Roping Chutes | Trails

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Nashwa Farms horses grazing - Tonya Wiertzema.jpg
Nashwa farms excerise track - Tonya Wiertzema.webp
Nashwa Farms Barn - Tonya Wiertzema.webp
Nashwa Farms Shed barn - Tonya Wiertzema.webp
Nashwa Farms Equine Veterinary Xrays - Tonya Wiertzema.jpg
Nashwa-Farms Hay Sales AD - Tonya Wiertzema.jpg
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