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Whether you're looking for equestrian decorations, artwork, or crafts - for gifts or personal use - this category lists everyone in Utah with exceptional skills and products who can help!  Check out their websites, reach out to them through their social media accounts - or even call them directly.  Everything is easily linked for you to find what you're looking for!

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All locations, phone numbers, websites, and social media are linked for you to easily connect!
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(South of Beaver / Moab)


(Outside of Utah but worth mentioning!)


Northern Utah 

(North of Spanish Fork)


We have two dogs, three horses, and a few chickens, and we do really love pets! Just about everyone we know has a pet of some kind, and through our relationships with our pets we become better people. We understand the important place our pets have in our lives, and we are happy to know we can help give you peace of mind with a quality engraved pet ID tag.

We specialize in brass engraving using diamond drag engraving technology. Our all-weather brass ID Tags and nameplates will last a lifetime.

I also operate a jewelry supply company which you can find on Etsy:

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 Simply Eden Goat-Milk Soaps and Bath & Body products are handmade using quality ingredients without the harsh chemicals and detergents that store-bought products contain.  I make my soaps via the cold-process method, which requires at least a four-week cure period to ensure a mild, luxurious bar of soap.  I use goat milk due to its mild cleansing, as well as moisturizing properties.  All of my soaps are made with recipes that I have formulated, using skin-nourishing oils such as Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and even Hemp Seed Oil or exotic Babassu oil.  In addition, all of the oils that I use are sustainable and do not contribute to the deforestation of rain forests. I am very passionate about my soaps and body products and excited to try new recipes and ideas.  I also love making soaps that are fun and unique.  
Featuring: Equine Bath Bombs, Performance Cooling Clay, Saddle Soap & Conditioner, Equine Balms


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Equine photographic art, personal hobby, always share images with owner to use.

FB_IMG_1686986191914 - Kathie H.jpg
FB_IMG_1686986234410 - Kathie H.jpg

We are a family of 3 based in Herriman, Utah that enjoys making things together. We are hoping others will enjoy the things we make too. Our daughter really wants to participate in horse shows next year and hopefully for years to come. So we created this page to help raise funds to assist in her on this journey. If you see something you like please let us know. Each piece is one of kind and hand made with love. So far we have horse shoe sun catchers, and resin memory horse shoes. We have also made leather name tags for horse tack such as bridles and winter blankets.


Welding, fencing, rails, logos, metal art

A372C4EE-DE6F-4B41-84BA-7B374D96CAB9 - Garret Willmore.jpeg
8E024396-F17D-46C9-B7DE-FF658880C544 - Garret Willmore.jpeg

Here, you will find prints, products, and how Kenzie views the world. We hope that through her paintings, you will be able to regain the wonder, magic, and wanderlust you had as a child. We hope you will be able to see how beautiful life, and the world really is. She donates 10% of all sales towards conserving wildlife and their environments

FB02570E-054A-4FEC-B952-8A1B27EB3122 - Kenzie Miller.jpeg
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Foxtrot Artistry

Fine art portraits of animals and sometimes humans in a variety of mediums by Melissa W. Smith

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Bronze horse sculptures
Horses in Oil Paintings | Fine Art Prints | Equine Home Decor

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Snarky, sarcastic and funny tee shirts, tank tops, hats, cups and stickers.

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~ Online Orders Only ~


I make custom apparel and decor. A lot of what I do is memorial pieces in the form of apparel, artwork, and horse hair jewelry.

DDDC1B54-04F1-42B3-A175-1CB5B6315C3E - Talia Dodd.jpeg
06378281-6675-48E2-B365-7393149BEEC8 - Talia Dodd.jpeg

Western saddle and tack repair. Custom leather work for you or your horse.

20230513_102239 - Amber McMackin.jpg
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Custom Leatherwork
(horse tack, dog collars, wallets, bags, belts and more)

20221216_100310 - Lalenia Moore.jpg
20221104_131156 - Lalenia Moore.jpg
Plain City
Brigham City
Farr West
Bear River
SaltLake City

(South of Beaver/Moab)

Southern Utah



Fun, original watercolor horse art. $20 plus $3 ship per piece. Available pieces will be emailed to you!

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Southern Utah
New Hamony

(Outside of Utah but worth mentioning!)

Honorable Mentions


Ohio / Utah / Florida

Equine and Pet Fine Art Photography